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Camden Calling Presents | Urban Beatfare

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Yesterday evening, I was honored to be apart of an event set-up by Camden Calling, described in their own cheap football jerseys words as ‘a social enterprise run collectively with ray ban outlet homeless and ex-homeless people whom put their problems Cheap Jordans aside to host live music events for a mainstream audience.

Although responsible for a whole cheap jerseys china host of goodies, Camden Calling host Cheap Ray Bans a monthly event called The Urban Beatfare specifically for all things hip-hop! I took part in yesterday’s open mic (which is a contest held as an additional part of the main event) and I won!

Part of the win was that Trainer I got to take home cheap China Jerseys this lovely T-shirt! 😀

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…and if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been given the chance to open the next show with a full set which will take place on 1st April at The Enterprise! I’m really looking forward to it & I hope you’ll join me – not only is this a night of  great live music & fun, you’ll Hello also be supporting a good cause as the proceeds go to the people most in need – Come Cheap Jordan Shoes & get involved!

Decisions, decisions…

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I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth buying some Beats By Dre (BBD) headphones even though I already have Skull Candy (SK) Pro’s and they are pretty dope.I feel like it’s time for an upgrade but at the same time I feel as though its kinda disloyal to the SK’s since I adore them!

So what do each have to offer and do the BBD’s clearly poop all over ray ban sale the SK’s?

The quick answer is probably, mostly because the person creating the BBD’s is Dr. Oakleys Outlet Dre himself – a legend in hip-hop and R&B production. However, I have a Android’in love affair with Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys my cheap football jerseys SK’s and not just that pair either; I have gone through quite a few pairs of in-ear styles of their earphones too.

I just love that (apart from the black & white ones above) SK’s range are bright, colourful and cheap MLB Jerseys pretty, and the audio quality is off the freakin’ hook, yet it seems BBDs would offer all that and more…Hmmm?