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Image Source Nothing lasts forever. Anticipation fades and time moves on. This process seems to accelerate with age; as a child the bright packaging of your favourite play-thing can amuse you for hours, yet as an adult the newest iPhone is “yesterdays news” the day after release. So what is the key to true fulfilment? […]

Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid

Image Source There’s an art to belief, just ask doubting Thomas. Everyday it gets harder and harder to believe what you hear. To comprehend that the stories you do come across, are not actually stories. That your reality is either a beautiful nightmare, or a really questionable dream. And there’s a running contradiction. Spend less & […]

Taking the high road

Image Source And before you ask, it’s the only road. Sure you’re tricked into thinking otherwise. That if the map has other options, easier routes – then that’s the path. But do that, and sooner or later you end up at a dead-end with questions and no answers. By now I know you’re wondering what […]

False senses of security

Image Source There’s a danger in routine. The minute you break it you’re lost. However, you look just as lost roaming around carefree, without a cause. It’s funny how we crave the same security we question; jobs, relationships, law enforcement – all things that make us feel safe. However the minute these things falter, we wonder […]

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