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Why you should burn (or at least re-write) your to-do list…

Life can be divided into two neat sections: 1) What is important and 2) everything else: If we lived by that very ethos, life would be a walk in the park viagra comparatif. But we complicate things in varying degrees of nonsense, making up reasons for why things are or aren’t. You could probably divide […]

Proof that life will never be easy…

Image Source Sure you’ll have peaks, and then valleys and then ice cream and a tearjerker playlist whilst the only reasonable tele is every drama Tom Hanks ever starred in. Wait, have I said too much? 😯 The point – and to quote Ronan Keating: “Life is a rollercoaster” – although that sort of suggests […]

Are drugs the new black?

The signs were real man! Remember that post I wrote about the media claiming that shrooms could cure depression? And that other one about the things people take to escape from their boring realities? Well, today I heard that workplace drug tests from the last half decade, have shown that the number of workers testing positive […]

What is reality actually like?

 Image Source Because it’s hard to know… …and now that I’ve got your attention, I wanted to ask you some things: Do you drink tea or coffee? â—¦ Do you get an adrenaline rush from doing extreme sports or exercise? â—¦ Do you smoke?…Do you add to real life? Is this reality?…Or your reality? [easy_sign_up […]