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18 things I cuss, but secretly love about Britain

Image Source Pigeons getting braver… They’re not even jumping or flying off when you walk by them anymore. They walk around the ends like they own it and they’ll hang around just waiting for you to drop your last Rolo. Like a bawse! Every Ill-named sensationalist programme that ever made it onto Channel 4… The […]

Was my Saturday proof you can’t change fate?

Image Source The bank (wrongly) overcharged me yesterday, but after a very trying phone call with a hands-off employee, they made it right. The thing is, I had no idea they charged me at all. But before I went about my day on the 12th, I decided to check in with them; It was strange […]

Hometown Glory – Part Eight: More Building-Spotting

Image Source If you’ve been following the posts in my hometown glory series, you’ll remember me gushing about architecture in the ends. Well, here’s a new addition – I was driving through central London last week, spotted this building & fell in love with it. It’s the now disused ‘Samaritan Free Hospital’, located on Marylebone […]

Hometown Glory – Part Four: Help a London Child

Image Source part three of the Hometown Glory series, so I’m excited to share this one with you! So let me guess, you’ve eaten ridiculous amounts of your favourite sugary and salty (but oh so delicious) food, you’ve slept in late enough each day that getting dressed seemed pointless, you’ve watched your entire movie collection, […]

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