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So, Rafiki has a point.

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Okay I’ll explain – Yesterday a friend & I 739 went to see the Lion King in Wholesale NFL Jerseys 3D & on a Wednesday cheap nfl jerseys night, the theatre was packed (although this could be due to Orange Wednesdays).

Of course, everybody knew the words to the trademark songs, nobody spoke in the quiet & emotional moments, and though we all knew the oakley sunglasses for men script, everyone enjoyed the movie with the same feeling of nostalgia.

I got a bit emotional after watching, not necessarily because of the plot or anything, but more because of wholesale jerseys the fact that, in 1994 when the movie was released and I loved it for wholesale jerseys china its breath-taking animation Cheap Jerseys From China and thoughtful story, being so young, I didn’t really apply it as much to real life as I do now.

Yesterday though, one particular line that really hit home, came from the insane but lovable Rafiki, who helps guide Simba back to Pride-Rock. In that tender moment when grown Simba worries about the guilt re: Mufasa, his past as young Simba and the events of the stampede *tear* – Rafiki randomly knocks him on the head with his stick. When Simba reacts in pain – he is told: “Oh yes, the past can hurt. You can either run from it, or learn from it…”

Don’t Twatinas wholesale jerseys look back in anger…

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It really is wholesale nfl jerseys as simple as that. It applies to everything, from being offended by a friend, to being heartbroken, from being embarrassed about tripping up in the middle of the street, to not getting the grades you feel you worked really hard for. I could go on with the examples, but I don’t think I need to. – Live & learn. 🙂