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10 things I wish people wouldn’t do…

Image Source I’ll cut to the chase, the below 10 points massively annoy me. I wish people would stop doing them… Phoning me using Private Number/Unavailable/No Caller ID… Complete no-no. I don’t know why people STILL do this; everybody I give the time of day to, knows how much this irks me. They also know […]

5 celebrities who’ve said things they’ve later regretted

Those moments when discount oakley celebrities have the spotlight and commit the worst crime ever – actually expressing their real views – are usually few & far between. Every so often, we feel proud because they are saying what everybody else was thinking but was too scared/didn’t have the opportunity to say, however – other […]

5 “OMGSH I can TOTALLY feel myself blushing!” moments…

Image Source We have all been there before, those priceless moments that leave you cringing in embarrassment with an ego a third of its original size, somehow though – we don’t care that others have experienced it before when we go through it. LOL! Here are some examples: The ‘Strut-N-Trip’… Picture this: I’m listening to Chalie […]