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21 of the most annoying Twitter habits…ever!

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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I love it in all it’s 140-character limit glory! So this post is a ‘fun-rant’ :-P, I don’t love everything that happens on Twitter though, and usually Cheap Football Jerseys if any of the below apply to my fellow tweeps, I tend to press un-follow, in extreme cases block and although I’m ashamed to admit it, even get drawn into the dreaded ‘sub-tweet’ circle – *cringe*, I know…I know.

So, be honest – do you ever…

  1. Click follow…and then click un-follow straight after, to get someone to follow you – but to not be following them back?
  2. Tweet us all your life story?
  3. Change your AVI on an hourly basis (using photo’s that all have the same BBM pose)?
  4. Steal other peoples top-tweets Oakleys Outlet in hopes for re-tweets you don’t deserve?
  5. Just become someone else completely?
  6. Use weird Twitter-speak no-one has heard of in hopes that it will ray ban outlet catch on?
  7. Call people (that you have never, ever met) “Twifey or Twubby”?
  8. Re-tweet Fake Oakleys tweets that are totally unworthy of others’ attention?
  9. Stalk other people’s TL’s (without even being signed up to Twitter)?
  10. Twitpic empty (& therefore gross looking) food plates? (fyi: no cheap China Jerseys food that once had sauce of any kind on it, looks tasty dripping across an nfl jerseys cheap empty plate once finished)
  11. Tweet mysterious half statements i.e:  “omgsh man!!! >:(” – waiting for somebody to ask what is wrong, rather than just saying?
  12. DM others with statements that sound like threats such as: “LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK!!”?
  13. Have crude & out-there Twitter names just for attention? (because I know nobody else in your whole life calls you that, c’mon!)
  14. Tell people to become part of #TeamWeGetMoney, #TeamFreshKicks or whatever “team” it is you’re “promoting” that isn’t really a team?
  15. Do #FF (follow Friday) shout-outs and then get angry if you don’t get them back in return? (remember its nice to return them, but nobody is contracted to)
  16. Use those Вифлеем horrid twit-longer type services that allow you to write oakley sunglasses sale actual essays?
  17. Tell someone Cheap Jerseys From China to re-tweet you at the end of a tweet to them? (remember, re-tweets are optional, and whatever happened to asking?)
  18. Tweet a list of people & not tell us why? i.e: (“@Person1 @Person2 @Person3 @Person4 @Person5” – spammer alert!)
  19. Get emotional over an opinion, i.e: “@Person1: I hate the new Jordan’s, they suck” ↔ “@Person2: @Person1 – No, YOU suck you (insert rude word Man here:_____)!!!”
  20. Have a jordan retro 11 Twitter account for the purpose of another account & then go on to tweet from both, i.e: @Person1: follow my other account @Person1BackUp too!”
  21. Have somebody tweet others out of nowhere telling them to follow you? i.e: “@Person1: @Person2 follow @Person3 & I will follow you”

If any of the above applies to you, chances are we haven’t met on Twitter, or Cheap Jerseys From China have parted ways (hey, no hard feelings these things don’t always work out, lol!)
If there are some things in the list you have never come across, maybe you haven’t been on Twitter long enough, or perhaps it’s me…maybe I’m a Twitter-holic…Oh dear. 😯

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