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Right here…

Image Source It’s cold and as  I write this, I’m wrapped in fleece all cosy. Winter is here on cue, along with it’s fuzzy Cheap Jerseys blue-grey skyline and constant murmur of city traffic. And Information yesterday, as I was walking through town, my mind ran on <a title="Lily Allen Cheap Oakleys – LDN” href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmYT79tPvLg” […]

Was my Saturday proof you can’t change fate?

Image Source The bank (wrongly) overcharged me yesterday, but after a very trying phone call with a hands-off employee, they made it right. The thing is, I had no idea 2016-12-13 they charged me at all. But before I went about my day on the 12th, I decided to check in with them; It was […]