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Hometown Glory – Part Four: Help a London Child

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part three of the Hometown Glory series, so I’m excited to share this one with you!

So let me guess, you’ve eaten ridiculous amounts of your favourite sugary and custom jerseys salty (but oh so delicious) food, you’ve slept in late enough each day that getting dressed seemed pointless, you’ve watched your entire movie collection, you’ve grumbled at the stupid story-line Eastenders went with on Christmas day (what a letdown…), and you’ve abandoned any thoughts of going back Fake Oakleys to work in the real world.

You’ve enjoyed your holiday and are now prepping for the New Year cheap jerseys with документальный resolutions you wont be keeping. Fantastic, you successfully enjoyed the season in all its commercialised glory! 😀

However the cheap Oakleys sunglasses same isn’t true wholesale jerseys china of others over the nfl jerseys cheap world and we all know this. As you may already know, these ‘Hometown Glory’ posts refer to my Hometown; Hammersmith – Today though, I’ve decided to extend as far as the whole capital…

I first heard about this particular 31 ‘text to donate’  service  relating to Helping Children in London.
A few weeks cheap jordans for sale ago on LBC during an ad-break and I’m really glad I did. These charities provide support for young people in the UK who need it Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys the most!

From young carers who sacrifice large amounts of their time to care for those in their families suffering with an illness or a disability, to homeless youths who have no shelter and so have no choice but to live on the streets – Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses There is a lot of help to give!

Donate today by texting the word CARER to send a one-off amount of £5 to help make a difference to someone’s life. (Network rates as seen on LBC below)

Donate Online via LBC
Donate Online via Virgin Money