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Excuse me, your cup overfloweth…

Image Source Reminding, that’s what we need. That things aren’t as grim as we imagine, that it probably isn’t as freezing a winter as we think, that we’re just a little thirsty, not starving. And so spring finally kicks into gear, bringing with it London’s beautiful lines; the arches, the brickwork, the cobblestones – and […]

Happy New Year!

Image Source  As a new year moves in, kicks up it’s feet and get’s acquainted with us, we wave farewell to 2012. And an amazing 2012 it was! As a country, the UK has had everything from a Diamond Jubilee, to the London Olympics; which caused unified celebrations and weeks of plastered on smiles that […]

Trackbacks: REIFIER | Sweden | Adidas Competition winner and More!

As it’s the beginning of a brand new month, I felt there was no better time to update you on what I’ve been up to lately… Recent releases… My 4-track EP REIFIER (released on April 30th) has had some great feedback and I wanted to officially say thank you! 😀 So thank you, to everyone […]

Dreama on ‘BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson’ – BBC Radio 6!

Whoa! – Early this morning, I was on radio show BBC introducing with the awesome Tom Robinson & the amazing Ruth Barnes! 😀 If you didn’t already know, this brilliant show is one that helps to bring emerging artists to the forefront by showcasing exciting new talent and thankfully,  these guys agree that this classification […]

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