The alarm conspiracy…

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For the last two nights, I’ve had dreams where old friends have popped up.

That’s the nature of dreams, nfl jerseys china however, the cheap ray bans weird thing in both dreams, is that I used to be close with both friends, and so it felt as if the dreams were like mini reunions for people whom I no longer see often, simply because we’ve grown Cheap nfl Jerseys apart.

Here’s a question though: why does the alarm go off Cheap Jordans JUST before whatever it seems is the crucial point in the dream, is reached? – Are we dreaming in routine, in sequence with when we know we’ll wake?

Then you wake up and can’t remember the dream. At all.

On another note, dreams are underrated. Think about it. We can create whole scenarios without even knowing it, and then forget them like we didn’t just spend hours carefully crating conversations, faces and settings – Amazing.

We don’t do that in any other aspect of life. Imagine writing an assignment, Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses editing it, saving it. Printing it on beautiful paper, binding it, laminating the pages and then carefully transporting it…to the local page shredder to destroy it! 😯 – Slightly extreme example, but you catch my drift.


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