The fall guy…


Why is it snowing so heavily in March? Why are people losing their livelihoods with no hint of a backup plan? Why is the cost of everything but salary steadily cheap football jerseys inching up?

Where’s our fall guy? The eighties gave us Reagan (the war on drugs). The nineties gave us the police (institutional racism), the naughties Cheap Jordans gave us “terrorists” (world attacks) – and now we’re thirsty for someone else to blame.

There is no bargaining. We don’t care that our culture is lazy, and never ask questions. We металлообработки don’t mind that we don’t understand cheap jerseys politics, and just agree with the loudest crowd about what the mayor, or the prime minister is Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses or isn’t doing…we just want to ray ban sunglasses blame.

And I’m not taking sides, I’m calling it like I see it

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