The Peak Vs. The Valley

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It’s easy to forget that the grass is never greener, no matter how dull and brown it looks on фильм your side of the fence.

And even if the grass is greener on the other side, cheap jerseys china in the rare case that there was Fake Ray Bans an actual fence – rather than this just being a phrase, then there would still be the old issue of maintenance. Keeping the grass green and lush.

New luxury, new problem.

Life calls for upkeep, maintenance and continuation. The only thing awards are proof of, is something current being interesting. After that fleeting fake oakleys moment has Ray Ban sale passed, what’s <a ray ban sunglasses sale href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap jordans online next?

And even though we are fiercely aware of this being jordan retro 11 the natural rhythm of every working day, it’s amazing how amazed we still get wholesale football jerseys china by life’s ups and downs; we still don’t expect them.

Lottery wins are possible and quite probable since there is clear evidence that people do discount football jerseys win, cheap fake oakleys but we don’t ever expect to win if we play.

In life, do we expect too much, or too little?

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