They don’t make ‘em like they used to…

Okay from me, that statement might be slightly premature (so older folk please don’t cuss me out until you read the rest of the post) – Along with millions of cheap football jerseys others, I represent today’s youth, but I still remember from my primary school days, some of the ‘special’ little things that made everything worthwhile. Some of the trinkets and treasures I owned really made the 90’s memorable…do you remember:

Skipping ropes

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Now, of course skipping ropes still exist & people skip all the time – but I have fond memories of the multi-coloured kind we used to play with in school. My friends & I would spend our entire lunch-breaks in the playground leaping into the air, singing all kinds of rhymes and making up all kinds of games. Forget a PS3, I could entertain myself for hours with a simple rope!

Penny sweets

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Aw man, I remember being so happy over having 20pence, because the corner-shop would fill a small white paper bag with 20 different sweeties. I’d choose the foam wholesale jerseys china prawns, the sour peaches, bubblegum, fruit salads and black-jacks. 20 sweets for 20p – that was the fairest deal ever…unlike today when one simple piece of candy costs next to £1…I blame inflation…or perhaps its the fact my taste has evolved & these days I enjoy the finer things…whatever I still begrudge spending more than 20pence.

Cassette tapes…

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I have this particular memory of scraping together all of the pennies I had saved, running to the nearest record store at the time (it was called ‘Our Price’) and having the dilemma of buying either one or the other cassette tapes – one was by Xzibit and the other was a D12 single. I ended up getting them both after my cousin lent me the extra. I still have a whole collection of cassettes that I no longer play because of course, I am now part of the iPod movement – but up until now, nothing trumps that special feeling I had jordans for cheap when buying my first collection of wholesale jerseys cassette tapes.

Playing ‘Snake’ (on my phone)

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Did you own a Nokia that had that game ‘Snake’ on it? Of course you did…if you didn’t…you missed all the way out dude. Man, I loved that game, that game filled lunch breaks, that game worked as whole conversation starters – it rocked. The purpose of it was manoeuvring a snake around obstacles whilst collecting points as the snake grew in length which increased the games difficulty. On the new Nokia’s I think they’ve made an updated 3D version of the game, but – like the first movies in a line of sequels nothing beats the original (apart from the Lord of the Rings because arguably, ‘The Two Towers was better than the ‘Fellowship’…)

Barbie dolls

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Okay, the ‘Barbie’ era of toys still exists, but I must admit, it was the most awesome time ever when I wholesale jerseys was in that era. I didn’t want that era to end, I’d play with my Barbie’s for hours and hours and the possibilities were endless. Thanks to my family, I had tons of accessories and a beautiful handmade dollhouse where they all lived, I even had a Barbie pool for them all (that caused some unfortunate messy accidents with water going everywhere because I played with it indoors). It got to the point where my brother gave me some of his Action men toys, because I thought my Ken dolls weren’t muscular enough to be the Barbie’s boyfriends (LOL). I truly was a fanatic at one point!


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This was a very short lasting fad-probably because of school budgets or something, but I remember this after wholesale football jerseys china school ‘treat’ where as youngens, before our parents arrived to collect us from school, we sat cross legged in class and were handed a small carton of milk. I remember I loved it because it was ice cold, and there’s something about cold milk from a carton that seems like a treat. It’s funny because, it wasn’t like we didn’t have milk in cheap oakleys sunglasses the fridge at home, but the carton made it seem all special…

Watching WWF (before they changed it to WWE & before I knew it was Cheap Jerseys fake…)

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My brothers & I would gather round the TV probably later than we were allowed to stay up, to watch cheap Oakleys sunglasses the WWF superstars battle it out in the ring. I had a major crush on ‘The Rock’ (I even bought posters of him & had them on my bedroom wall…*blush*…)  I remember how outrageous the skits were, (between fights there were marriages, surprise ambushes & the introduction Cheap nba Jerseys of new characters.)

Anyway, at first there was a rumour that it was all acted and the battles were takje false (it’s actually ridiculous I ever believed it to be real when I look back now, but hindsight is a powerful thing.) – When Winkelmand reality hit home (no pun intended) – I was devastated. I quit watching it & slandered anyone that continued…LOL!

Ahh, good times! 🙂 Let them roll!

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