Too many, or too few?

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A friend and I were talking about fashion, and never knowing what to wear with all the drastic seasonal changes. You know, how we flit from shoe to sneaker, jacket to windbreaker and and beanie to NFL Jerseys Cheap ski hat, our only concern being that we should have chosen the other belt or that these gloves aren’t as snug as the others.

I started thinking about it. What’s more difficult: cheap nfl jerseys having too much, or not having enough?

People across the Cheap nba Jerseys globe mention the downfalls of being successful, having more than the usual. That applies to us all, you have more than someone else, but you Cheap Jerseys From China don’t feel like it when you think of the things you’d like that you don’t have.

Some leaders thought communism was the answer. Some still do.

I love our capitalist ways though. The earning potential of it all. If you forked out for 3 cars after scrimping and saving for three quarters of your life for them, why not?  – Collectible items? Go for it! It’s your money.

There’s a feeling though, of being in a grocery store with an empty trolley and a blank cheque, and leaving with nothing but chocolate & ice-cream. Making poor choices & effing it up.

It happens annually on Big Brother, that’s the beauty of watching it. The housemates get a few extra pounds for the shopping list after a weeks “famine”, and everyone goes crazy over sugar and peanut butter.

Truth is, too much, is too cheap oakleys much. That’s why having options is so helpful. It narrows it down. Makes it easy.

We like easy.

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