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Long before Hammersmith native Dreama rapped, she wrote prose and poetry, which continued to blossom when she paired it with melody and discovered her love of rap music. Being an eighties baby and a nineties child, Dreama’s exposure to music was vast and included nearly every genre, as a result of her mother’s varied music […]


On September 25th, the highly reputable music/technology site Hypebot featured the video for CTRL+ALT+DEL! – Check out the cool, techie feature here! On June 20th 2012, REIFIER made it on to SB.TV‘s site! Shout out’s to the lovely Fiona for posting it!  █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ I was recently interviewed by the delightful Caitlin, from what can only […]

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