Whatever the weather…

Remember my recent post about there being no perfect anything? In case you missed cheap jerseys china it, I dedicated cheap nhl jerseys that thought to the general gist that we Ray Ban sale often do things wanting to get them right; which human and a good thing…but holding your breath waiting for the stars to align, isn’t.

It’s jordans for cheap like planning a BBQ two sunny weeks in advance; and having torrential rainfall on the would be day. It’s also like spending hours organising your iTunes library…and having your hard-drive pack up on NFL Jerseys Cheap you…very, VERY annoying….but it happens (Trust me!)

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Who want’s to know everything anyway? Like predict the future? That could be a very grim world you lived in…I recently went to see Men In Black 3 Advertising (in 3D of course!) – and without giving too much away, there was this character (the Events man in the middle above) who could predict alternate situations in the future.

First I thought it was awesome, until I saw that he was burdened with knowing  all the horrible things that could happen, and also knowing that he had know way to stop them…

I oakley sunglasses outlet really think that life is about accidentally stepping in puddles in your new shoes when it rains and thanking people for doing something nice for you.

It’s also about bad days at work, finding random money in an old jacket pocket and finding out that you’ve ran out of cranberry sauce after you’ve cooked the roast & dished up! 😯

In short – Enjoy the ride! 😉

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