Excuse me, your cup overfloweth…

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Reminding, that’s what we need. That things aren’t as ray ban sunglasses sale grim as we imagine, that it probably isn’t as freezing a winter as we think, that we’re just a little (US thirsty, not starving.

And so spring finally kicks into gear, bringing with it London’s beautiful lines; the arches, the brickwork, the cobblestones – and before this turns into a musical, let me make my point: I’m thankful.

That this website is two years old, and for two years has maintained wholesale jerseys your support, that the warmer months are finally here and so I can whip cheap nfl jerseys out my sunshades and sandals – and for cheap nhl jerseys many reasons I could drone on about, that could probably win in a game of one upmanship with Ned Flanders… 😛

Sometimes we simply need reminding – that even when times Wholesale Jerseys are tough, we’ve still got it good…

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