Yuck! It’s ugly!

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Outside of foreign comedy and/or people who are the sole reason for the following stereotypes (I wont name names), I’d like to think we Brits are more than a collection of stiff-upper-lips and stodgy cuisine, like this:

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One thing we can boast, is our beautiful architecture as you might remember from a  previous post in the hometown glory series, we have buildings and structures dotted all over that make onlookers “wow” and “woah!”  – and now…we also have this:

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We have Anish Kapoor (the guy pictured at the top) to thank for NFL Jerseys Cheap this thing being called ‘The Orbit’. Although the term “thank” in this case is of course me being sarcastic. The Orbit looks Cheap Football Jerseys like a draft of a theme park ride (albeit a pretty fun Wholesale Jerseys one) but I’m sure that wasn’t his intention. If it was his intention, what was he thinking!?

Sure it has character, but is that enough? Where is the charm? Where is the grace? It took us long enough to digest the Центр fact that the Millennium dome looked like it did and costed that much to put together – and then when it wasn’t the year 2000 anymore, we got the The O2, which at least made use of the place. However, what will we do with The Orbit once The Olympics is over? 😕

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